Reasons for Star Relationship failures

Celebrity Splits
Celebrity Splits


Actors are loved by all, but love is scarce in their lives . More often than not the celebrity couples break up. Why does this happen too often? I will try to answer the question.

  • Acting takes its toll – Actors are always playing roles and acting out situations. The acting takes its toll. Actors go great lengths to make the act look real. The real acting very often becomes real for them blurring lines with reality. Hence the couples feel the split. They are not sure whether the relationship is real of acted.
  • Media Galore – When two famous people come together in a relationship, media makes a story out of it. The attention is so much that private moments are also compromised. Also the stars are made to appear in interviews they do not want to be in. Finally it leads to too much exposure and the split.
  • Superficial relations – Generally the star couple relationship is a fling. It is more of an affair than a relationship. Remember the Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson affair, it could not take one blow. Real relationship weathers many storms (David Beckham and Victoria Spice).
  • Difficult Schedules – The star status comes with disadvantages also. The tight shoot schedules stretches the actors and their psyche. They are not able to spend time together, which leads to infidelity and splits.
  • Relation for money – When the relationship stands on a false foundation of financial security it does not last. Generally there is a lot of age difference and it takes it toll ultimately.

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